Kidney dialysis datalyser

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    Infection problems: Infection is a big risk. You will become ill if infection occurs in the Peritoneum. The infection is called Peritonitis. Signs of infection are hazy or cloudy fluid. You may feel sick or vomit. You may have severe stomach pains. Early treatment will lessen the damage to the Peritoneum, lessen the risk of having to stay in hospital and will make you feel better more quickly.

    Draining problems: Not draining enough fluid can be a problem. You could be in overload. Signs of being overload are weight increase, feet/ankles swelling, shortness of breath, puffy eyelids, and raised blood pressure. Draining too much fluid can also be a problem. You could be dehydrated. Signs of dehydration are weight loss, you may feel dizzy or nauseous, suffer constipation or reduced blood pressure.

    What the Dialysis Datalyser can do: . The total period of CAPD process is monitored • The total draining fluid is measured • The velocity of the fluid flow is detected • The early signs of infection are detected • All necessary measurement data are recorded • The draining status at each stage of the CAPD process is observed • The status of dehydration and overload are reported


    Develop a new products for kidney failure patients to help them decrease their suffering and enjoy their longer happy life. This is a dialysis treatment information in CAPD (continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis) for patients with renal (kidney) failure.


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